Wednesday, 17 July 2013

$2 Entrance Fee Scrapped

Many of our member's parents and families have expressed the frustration at paying a $2 entrance fee to watch their kids swim at the Cardinia Life YMCA. 

Two dollars might not seem much, but on top of the YMCA fee for the kids to swim and our club fees (which partly pay for lane hire) the total cost of our kids participating, in the healthy activity that swimming is, can quickly add up.

Cardinia Piranhas Swim Club expressed our concern about the fees to Councillor Colin Ross when he was a guest at our Committee meeting last month, so it is pleasing to see an article in today's Pakenham Gazette (page 5) revealing that Cardinia Shire councillors voted to scrap the $2 entrance fee.

Councillor Ross moved the motion at the council meeting on Monday night, which was carried unanimously.

You can read the article online here, or see the clipping here.