Tuesday, 4 August 2015

YMCA Pakenham 20% Membership Discount

 The YMCA, Pakenham, has offered the Cardinia Piranhas Swimming Club the opportunity to join the Cardinia Life Complex as members at the corporate rate.

This will ensure a 20% discount on "YMCA" memberships.


It allows 2 options.

1. If you are already a member of Cardinia Life, your membership will reduce.

2. If you wish to become a member of Cardinia Life you will go onto the corporate fee rate.

If you are a paying member of Cardinia Life could you please let the club know what type of membership you have and we can arrange a change to the corporate rate.

If you are going to join Cardinia Life as a member let us know so that we can confirm your membership of Cardinia Piranhas.

Remember: All swimmers at our club must pay to come into Cardinia Life on training nights either as a member or by paying at the door.

This may be a way to reduce the costs of swimming with the Cardinia Piranhas.