Join Cardinia Piranhas

Please email to discuss & form will be emailed to you

Once the membership form and the child safe code of conduct are completed please email them to or hand them to any committee member. If you have any queries please see us at the pool during normal swimming session times.

Membership FEE details:

The swim year consists of 12 months from July to June, the current annual fees are as follows:


·      2021/22 Dry Member $10.15 (a parent must be registered as a dry member when a child is enrolled to swim)


·      2021/22 Swimmer 8 years & under (+ first month swim fee) $302.48 (includes first month’s swim fee, annual club membership and Swimming Victoria membership and insurance)


·      2021/22 Swimmer 9 years & over (+ first month swim fee) $314.66 (includes first month’s swim fee, annual club membership and Swimming Victoria membership and insurance)


A uniform (jacket, shirt and cap) is also provided to new swimmers joining the club.


Monthly swim fee is $60 per month per swimmer. This $60 covers the lane hire and coaching fees and allows the swimmer to participate in one, two or all of the weekly sessions (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) i.e. it is up to the swimmer how often they want to train but it is the same $60 fee for each swimmer. Fees are only charged for 10 months (Feb to Nov), as we don’t swim during school holidays.

Invoices are sent monthly and fees are required to be paid by bank deposit (no cash accepted):

            Account Name: Cardinia Piranhas

BSB: 633 000

            A/C: 163 383 372

Please use the Invoice Number as ref.


Each swimmer is also required to pay pool entry either on a pay as you use basis at the Cardinia Life front reception desk or via Cardinia Life Aquatic Membership where you can scan upon entry (the decision of how to pay entry is left up to the individual).


We cap our swimmers at 40 as ~10 per lane is the maximum allowed and numbers above that inhibit the ability to train appropriately, so interest in the club may result in being placed on a waitlist.


We compete in race nights once a month. Race nights are organised monthly to get swimmers used to the idea of marshalling, race starts etc. These are intraclub only and race times are recorded for swimmers to see progress.


Option to compete in external races. Swimmers can register through swimming Victoria to compete in external races if they so wish. It is not compulsory to do this but those who want to compete as part of the club are encouraged to do so.


We offer a trial swim to check swimming ability and whether there is a placement available for that ability level. We recommend a minimum of 50-100m of freestyle and backstroke with good technique and at least some ability in breaststroke and butterfly (ie have had swim lessons on these strokes). If you would like to have a trail please contact us on to organise a date.